Isolation and Characterization of Cellulosic Nano Fibrils from Teak Wood

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In this study, we solely focused on the isolation of nano cellulose from the teak wood by adopting pulping and acid hydrolysis. Top down method is carried out in the extraction of Cellulosic nano fibrils. The removal of non-cellulosic constituents is monitored by FTIR-ATR and UV-Vis DRS Spectroscopic techniques throughout the isolation process. The acidic hydrolysis is applied to extract the nano fibrils and the crystallinity index increased with the treatment is identified using XRD analyses of the fibrils. The morphological studies of CNFs were done by employing SEM and TEM to ensure the size of the nano fibrils obtained from Teak wood.

Keywords:Wood fibre, Cellulose, Pulping, Acid Hydrolysis, Nano Cellulosic fibrils, Characterization


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