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Minimization of Torque Ripples for PMBLDC Motor Drive Using Simplified IFOC Based H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter

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The minimization of torque ripples is requirement in high performance variable speed drive applications which need the smooth operation with minimum torque pulsations. In this paper presents the design and Simulink modeling of novel multi level five phase inverter topology for PMBLDC motor application. Moreover, the multiphase adjustable speed drives are nowadays considered as serious competitors for various applications, due to the certain advantages that have when compared to three phase motor drives. Generally the motor performances can be affected by more current harmonics, torque ripples, and voltage saturation due to wrong selection of rotor for drive. The H-bridge multiphase inverter arrangement is proposed for solving the issues also multiphase motor establishes by indirect field oriented control (IFOC) technique. Since these combinations should have more power handling capacity and produce high torque at same ampere volume of machine. In this paper an H-bridge four switches fed multiphase inverter produces the pure sinusoidal output voltage, low total harmonic distortion (THD) for PMSM. In order to analyzed and verified the proposed topology compared with conventional method of simulation results are carried out by using MATLAB/Simulink software tool.
Keywords: Multi Phase, Multi level inverter, torque ripple, voltage saturation, PMSM, IFOC, POD, vector control


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