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Lifetime and Energy Maximization in MANET Using CMAC Protocol Design

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Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (MANET) is a self configured network of mobile terminals connected by wireless links. The mobile terminals are battery powered, and energy is a scarce resource, issue with continuous participation in MANETs is the network lifetime. Cooperative Communication (CC), is that which utilizes nearby terminals to relay the overhearing information is a promising solution to improve the life time of the network. To enhance the spectral and power efficiency & lifetime of the network cooperative communications with relaying nodes are very effective. Relaying induce complicated medium access interactions, to handle these interactions and to capitalize the benefits of cooperation an efficient Cooperative MAC protocol is required .So here Distributed Energy-adaptive Location-based CMAC protocol, namely DEL-CMAC along with effective cross layer cooperative diversity approach for MANET has been proposed. Cross layer handles the interaction between higher layer and cooperative diversity is used for diversity gain in the network where relay nodes are used. In addition cooperative diversity is used to handle large scale network with high mobility. The use of cross layer cooperative diversity along with DEL-CMAC leads to increase in reliability in the network. The design objective of proposed work is to improve the network lifetime of MANET by reducing the power consumption and improving the throughput.
Keywords: MANET, DEL-CMAC, Cooperative Communication (CC), Relay terminals.


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