IJCSEC Journal Policy

IJCSEC Journal "Policy" shall mean the terms and conditions for use/manuscript, preparation, and submission as defined by Sections 1 through 5 of this page.

1. Open Access Policy
Research contribution made available without any restriction supports a larger global exchange of knowledge among upcoming researchers, Hence this journal provides immediate open access to its content.
2. Digital Preservation Policy
Digital preservation involves protection of intellectual data and digital resources, which enables one to reproduce authentic copies of the resources. Decisions regarding digital data preservation may be done during creation , acquisition or licensing of digital resources. This policy ensures the authenticity of digital resources. Preserving Digital resource includes complying the Intellectual property Rights including legal rights to copy, store and modify the stored digital resource.
3. Peer Review Process
Peer review system ensures the quality of paper and in turn that of the journal. This quality ensures a unique content to be circulated among the researchers. Hence, our reviewers and Editors play a vital role in maintaining the high standards of Scientist Link Group of Publications Journals. Special issues and/or conference proceedings may have different peer review procedures. Authors contributing to such may receive full details of the peer review process on request from the editorial office.
4. Privacy Statement
The names and contact details of the author as entered in this journal site will be used only for the purposes of journal communication only and will not be made available for any other purpose of marketing or publicity issues.
5. Manuscript Submission Policy
Author should ensure that the manuscript submitted should be prepared as per journals template and by the final submission the author confirms that they abide by the policies as provided by the journal. Manuscript accompanying copyright form will only be considered for review.