Open Access Journal

IJCSEC is one of the leading international Open Access journal devoted to Computer Science and Communications related discipline. Open access publishing is a unrestricted dissemination of information is a publication model where users include readers, libraries, institutions and organizations, are not charged for accessing the articles. Users can read, download, copy or re-distribute the full content of this journal articles without paying any charges but restricted only for non-commercial purpose. Any researcher interested in the research contribution can develop it in future. Scientist Link publications own the final copyright the works published in open access journals. You also benefit from work of other researchers published under open access.
IJCSEC follows the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License.
Benefits of publishing your papers in IJCSEC:

  • Your articles comes with Meta data to enable higher citations.
  • Your articles will be freely available without subscription price/ login panel.
  • Your articles will be peer-reviewed and published as per IJCSEC Issue schedule.
  • Your published manuscript can be re-used by obtaining permission proper permission from SLGP
  • Your published manuscript has an appropriate citation to the publication.
  • Your Article is Freely available via the Internet immediately worldwide.