Research on Traffic Signal Controller

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With the world moving towards smart cities, one of the major problems faced by almost all of cities is that of vehicular road traffic congestions. This paper attempts to address the problem of traffic congestions caused at traffic signals. Timings allotted are fixed. Sometimes higher traffic density at one side of the junction demands longer green time as compared to standard allotted time. In this paper we show how image processing can be used for managing this. The image captured in the traffic signal is processed and converted into grayscale image then its threshold is calculated based on which the contour has been drawn in order to calculate the number of vehicles present in the image. The traffic is analyses through data collected from cameras and depending upon the volume of traffic, the traffic light durations are set. It also demonstrates how the durations can be changed dynamically. Raspberry pi is used as a microcontroller which provides the signal timing based on the traffic density.

Keywords:Raspberry pi; intelligent traffic management; image processing; Vehicles count smart cities; smart traffic signal


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