Secured Online Control Frame work for multi cloud Storage System using Authorized Deduplication Method

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Data deduplication is the specialized and resent compression technology in the cloud computing. In hybrid cloud server storing of repeated data courses many storage management challenges. The data deduplication overcome this challenges by reduce the copy of data and save the space in the cloud service provider (CSP). It also saves the bandwidth of the storage cloud. This deduplication method provides the confidentiality to protect the owner data which has been stored in the cloud service by using the various encryption techniques. In this paper we propose new convergent encryption technique and authentication process to store and retrieval the data in cloud services. It is first official attempt to address the issue of secure authorized data/content deduplication. Data/content and the differential privileges of clients are considered while data duplicate check thus differing from traditional deduplication approaches. Our work is to propose new data/content deduplication construction supporting system which authorizes data duplicate check in public multi cloud architecture. However security analysis shows that proposed system is secure in terms of definitions specified in the proposed security model. Model of proposed authorized data duplicate check is implemented and executed using this prototype. The result outcome shows that proposed authorized data duplicate check scheme incurs minimal overhead in public multi cloud architecture as compared to normal/earlier operations.

Keywords:Deduplication, Hybrid cloud, cloud service provider, Authorized dat duplicate check.


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