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Intelligent Monitoring System through PIC16F6877

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This paper presents the design and development of an intelligent monitoring system is presented. The case of the designed system is tested with location based on the frequent entry building. The developed system recognizes and only allows entry to authorized personnel with a preset password. The system setup monitors the people who enter while keeping track of data like specific dates and time of entry. The system is equipped with sensors, closed circuit television camera, computer interfacing electronics lock and alarm siren. A microcontroller is used for the control and operation of the integrated modules. An computer interface is used for the data logging and monitoring of such a system.
Keywords:Intelligent, security, microcontroller
Intrusion is the most common happening at home and also at the work place due to varying factor. Recently a major portion os investment is beefed up for security systems. Home security and office security has become a critical issue for the citizens mainly because the amount of intrusion crime such as burglary and robbery is increasing rapidly. This is the main reason why more people are recognizing the urgency to install security systems in their offices and houses. This is rather important especially where company keep secrets to gain the competitive edge in terms of secured environment. This study focuses on the design of an intelligent security system with authorized personnel to enter the particular area. Most available systems are an integration of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) with door access systems. There are quite a number of people have not installed the alarm system for their home. The main reason is that the security systems that are available in the market are relatively expansive. Besides, many people believe that security system is not relevant to them because their home or office is emptied only for few hours especially during lunch time for offices. The increase of intrusion crime that occurs during day time proves that a security system is a wise choice [1-4].
Nowadays security system is a common aspect in houses and offices. This study consists of the retaining a data base to monitor the entrance and also the break-ins. The security alarm system, which is designed to be user friendly, has a key pad outside the door or at the entrance of the office and only the authorized person will be allowed to access for entering the area. Once the correct password is entered, the door will open, and if there is any break in or someone who try to force in, the alarm siren will triggered and the emergency light will switch on. The main objective of this study is to make a simple design by connecting the system to the PC at all times and the camera should be mounted and connected to the PC for video surveillance and can be recorded for future reference. Figure 1 illustrates the flow of the system. The person who wants to enter the authorized area should key in the correct password. By doing this the magnetic lock will be deactivated meaning that the doors would be released.


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